On Target Audiences

Yesterday we solicited feedback on the benefits of the singlehood because we realized that there was revulsion in Christian culture towards the single life. My experiences as a single person certainly don’t merit revulsion, and I knew that wasn’t the experience of others, either. So we decided to ask people what they liked about being single. Surprisingly, some of the feedback we got was very negative towards the single life, but again, this came from married men. This is key: the feedback we got from singles was positive. It was very frustrating to us to receive feedback from happily married men about how selfish and pointless their life was before their wives came into their lives to complete them. We don’t disagree that is the experience of happily married men, but that’s not what we were asking. 

Dear men, this blog really isn’t for you.

Don’t get us wrong. We think men, on the whole, are downright awesome. We generally don’t mind if you comment, especially if you are invited to do so. We don’t mind that you read along. In fact, if you want to understand women and what they want, it’s probably a good idea to read women’s blogs, watch shows women like, or read books women like.

Please keep in mind – if you read something you don’t like or don’t agree with or seems very foreign then it’s probably not for you. And unless it involves 1. man-bashing, 2. something we’re clearly wrong about, 3. or calling you out, by name, please think twice about commenting . You, sir, are not the target audience of this blog. 

You don’t see the mail we get from other women, letters of appreciation, venting, and advice-seeking. That’s private. You see a distilled version on the blog, sanitized for public consumption.

So, please, continue to stop by, leave a comment if you’d like – but if there’s something you don’t get, maybe ask a woman to explain it to you. Or just let it go.


The Orthogals

P.S. To be fair, this could also be addressed to the married, to the non-Orthodox, etc.This is a blog written by single Orthodox women for other single Orthodox women.  Everyone else is an interloper.

P.P.S. Single here means unmarried (divorced or never-married) and the assumption is that we are trying to serve God as best we can where He places us, and being content with our state in life while also not denying the desire in our hearts for marriage and family.

P.P.P.S. Auntie Seraphic/Greg Behrendt say “men are who they are, not who you want them to be”. Same goes for women.

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8 thoughts on “On Target Audiences

  1. Svar

    What happened to your old blog? Surely, you remember this interloper?

    • How could I forget?

      • Svar

        Hahaha! I knew you missed me. How have you been? I hope well.

      • How could one not miss the casual arrogance of Svar’s comments? I have been well, thank you for asking.

      • Svar

        Arrogant? Huh. I wonder why so many ladies call me that. Not that I give a damn, but it does arouse my curiosity.

        Of course I asked. Believe it or not, I actually wondered whatever happened to you.

  2. John

    I heard about this on the OCN program, and if I may offer an interloper opinion, I think you ladies are doing a fine thing and I forwarded this link to my daughter. May your readership grow.

  3. Again, an interloper I might be, but I really think highly about what you gals are doing. Heck, you’ve even inspired me. (A sobering and scary thought.) Keep up the good work.

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