Red Flags

by Crystalina; via Megan

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4 thoughts on “Red Flags

  1. #6 seems a little odd to me – in what way does your lying to your family reflect poorly on his character? Must a man interfere with your moral life and family dynamics?

    #3 is a very bad thing, but some grace is needed: once somebody starts down that road (and they might have done so at age 15), it’s very hard to get off of it (especially if they’ve been at it for years). Perhaps it should be more along the lines of, “He looks at pornography and doesn’t see what’s wrong with it.”

    The rest, however, sound like a generally unpleasant character to deal with, particularly 4, 8, and 14.

  2. I assume #6 is more for the younger crowd. I.e. seeing him while her parents think she’s at a friend’s house, that sort of thing.

    • Yeah, that’s problematic, but that still sounds like it’s more her problem than his. If a woman feels like she has to lie about seeing somebody, that’s probably a good time to reconsider her involvement – but, again, that should be done without considering his reaction to it (okay, sure, he gets points for being concerned about mendacity and loses some for not being concerned).

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